3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping in Yucca Valley, CA

3D printing created from 3D files to make a real world plastic sample of a product or object. We are experts at providing almost any type of 3D printed object using a variety of plastics such as: ABS, PLA, PC (Polycarbonite), and even PC with infused Carbon Fiber. We can also make 3D printed “Glow in the Dark” products, toys, novelty items and more!

Creative Minds is now open for business in Yucca Valley, CA and serving much of Southern California, and the entire United States with online services. Contact us right now! (760) 676-6602

3D Printing can really help in the invention process

Rapid prototypes are the best way to increase speed and quality of a product design.

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